CHEMPA Activities for Members

CHEMPA is not a co-op, but a support group for homeschool families to connect with each other.

Academic Rodeo

(members only)

Field Day

(members only)

Monthly Newsletter

newsletter distributed from August through May via e-mail

(members only)

Teen Activities for 7th-12th Graders

age appropriate parties for holidays & special occasions

(members only)


created by student yearbook committee

and parent volunteers

(members only)

Parties for 6th grade & under

holidays & special occasions

(members only)​

​High School Spring Banquet

formal spring banquet

(members only)

7th and 8th Grade Spring Party

formal spring banquet

(members only)

IOWA Testing

administered by certified testers.

(members only)


(members only)

Website, Email Loop, & Facebook

  • (public)

  • Email Loop (members only)

  • Facebook Group (members only)

Member Sponsored Activities

**While NOT sponsored by CHEMPA, members may sponsor activities and announce them through our Email Loop/Facebook group.** ​CHEMPA will undertake to sponsor a number of activities for the members. ​CHEMPA-sponsored activities are eligible for CHEMPA funding and are subject ​to the CHEMPA dress code, standards of conduct, and all other policies and ​procedures of CHEMPA. ​Other activities will be member-sponsored. The role of CHEMPA with regard to ​these activities is to spread the word to its members and provide information ​to interested families. ​No activity is an officially sponsored CHEMPA activity unless it is approved by ​the board of officers.

Field Trips

planned and organized by parents. Each family is responsible for its own travel and meal expenses and admission prices (if applicable). Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children. Field trips may be announced on the Email Loop/Facebook to invite other families to participate.

High School Graduation

Book Sales