Purposes of CHEMPA

Membership ideally provides several benefits for homeschooling families. Homeschooling, by definition, brings families together to live, learn, play and work. CHEMPA's purpose is to be an extension of that idea. Though there are some CHEMPA activities that, by their nature, exhibit some degree of age segregation, the goal of CHEMPA is to encourage cooperation between all ages of children. Other purposes of this group include the following:

· To provide support to the parents who educate their children at home

· To provide a wholesome social environment for these children and young adults

· To provide group activities

· To provide information concerning political matters related to home educators and their families on the state and national level

· To pool resources in order to be able to provide supplemental educational resources to homeschools, such as a lending library

· To encourage excellence in homeschooling

· To encourage good citizenship and respect for our community, state, nation, and world

· To provide the opportunity for annual achievement testing for your children by a qualified tester

· To provide information through our monthly newsletter

· To provide a directory of the other homeschooling families in CHEMPA